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Images of nature and human body coexist and mimic one another until they become abstract. They disappear in an unknown reality which might be the future of a virtual reality or simply remnants of memories
of moments in life as we already know it. There is an unknown space time based on constant movement like human organisms do to survive through constant movement of breath.


I interact with furniture and mimic their forms as if I communicate and identify with them, by creating an assemblance of forms with different movements and poses. Some are structural and others are more circular.  I started observing how I interact within the space and explored different ways of expression by performing with spontaneous movements. This act embodies isolation, couples’ various moods and brings different unnatural juxtapositions. Working on new narratives, I bring elements of the works of Man Ray and Francesca Woodman. 



Modify Landscapes depicts a range of person’s thoughts as a landscape reflecting memories, feelings, ideas and any other object within the mind. I created new shapes, texture and patterns from urban landscapes, brutalist architecture and spaces.



Lavyrinthos submerges the spectator into the illusion of the infinite through endless spaces and paths while stressing asymmetry and complexity.

Body Space

Through a body collage Ι investigate the physical reaction of the human in disorganization, making spontaneous movements, mentioning personal concerns, obsessions, fear, monitoring past events that pass in front of it. It is presented an inner world.

In Between

Collaboration with Sofia Makridou

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