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Unspecified Narratives

Mixed media, installation

Thesis in the Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts Faculty of Fine Arts Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece


What in other times was regarded as ugliness, in the culture of technology and industrialisation acquires some value. The fragments of everyday life, a crumpled paper, a stain on the wall, a cold metal or plastic object act as detonators of memory bringing back memories.

My work is a conversation with the material and the associations that generates. Using collage, I restructure confused and blurred memories; images abstract in their structure without ceasing to be realistic and are open to the particular and multifaceted readings. Finding beauty in imperfections, in the details of everyday life that we pass, in personal experiences, routes and travel, I collect ephemeral materials and elements of mass culture and I recompose them in successive layers. By borrowing items from urban planning maps, aerial photographs, tickets, wrapping and packaging papers, I create combinations with controlled randomness and transparency.

For me, the process of creating these works is the quest for a different relationship with reality and the conquest of a new plastic language and sense of things. It is a free search and abstract for a reality so variable and uncertain as the memory.

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